Paroles The Revolution Will Not Be Plagiarized de Josh Joplin

Josh Joplin
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  • Artiste: Josh Joplin21648
  • Chanson: The Revolution Will Not Be Plagiarized
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Textes et Paroles de The Revolution Will Not Be Plagiarized

Jamie loves Jason
Jason loves TV
Why she'd ever fall for him
Has always baffled me
And I told her how I felt
Not to rush into love too soon
But who am I to judge?
They're getting married in June

And I guess I'm just not wise enough
To give advice quite yet

Jeremy's up with fashion
But not reality
He only reads the headlines
Never in between
He sleeps all day and doesn't care
He complains that life's a bore
Well, I used to pity him
But I don't care anymore

And I guess he's just not ready
To live his life quite yet

Mary talks to Jesus
(???) her righteous ways
God bless the heretic
And God bless Johnny Ray
And for everything I've done so far
That I never meant to do
If she damns my life to hell
She'll surely damn yours too

And I guess we should start prayin'
At least while we still can

Sara is a socialist
She listens to Billy Bragg
I tried to impress her
By writing songs like that
And I lashed out at injustice
I spoke of the better wage
I sang at the union rally
(On strike!)
But they kicked me off the stage

And I guess they're just not ready
For revolution yet
No, I guess they're just not ready
For revolution yet
Oh, I guess they're just not ready
For Billy Bragg quite yet

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