Paroles Blood Stained de Judas Priest

Judas Priest
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  • Artiste: Judas Priest4953
  • Chanson: Blood Stained
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Textes et Paroles de Blood Stained


Made every day

Their sins
They hide
Can never disguise
Blood stained hands
Blood stained times
Blood stained deeds
Blood stained lies

They wage their wars
Such profiteers
Will nail us all

Their crimes
Despicably reveal

Blood stained hands
Blood stained times
Blood stained weapons
Blood stained lies

They fire at will
Intent to kill
They have no conscience
They have no conscience
Ethnic cleansing nothing more!
Blood of nations blood of war

Turn blind eyes
From all your crimes
You bare our souls
Show no remorse
You cannot wash
The bloodstains off

They turn their backs
While others
Commit grisly acts

We're scared
For life
By politicians' greedy

Blood stained hands
Blood stained times
Blood stained weapons
Blood stained crimes
Blood stained lands
Blood stained minds
Blood stained deeds
Blood stained lies

And while such predators
Stalk this earth
Disguised as saints
They kill our faith

Obsessed by greed
Lying through their teeth
They cannot wash
The blood stains off

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