Paroles When The Bridegroom Comes de Judee Sill

Judee Sill
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  • Chanson: When The Bridegroom Comes
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Textes et Paroles de When The Bridegroom Comes

Music By Judee SillLyrics by David Omer BeardenSee the bride and the spirit are one,Then won't you who are thirsty invite him to come?With your door opened wide,Won't you listen in the dark for the midnight cry?And see when your light is on when the bridegroom comes.Into cold outer darkness are goneGuests who not their own wedding garment put onTho' the chosen are few, won't you tarry by your lamp till he calls for you?And pray that your love endure till the bridegroom comes.When the halt and the lame meet the son,And he sees for the blind and he speaks for the dumb,Let their poor hearts complaint Like the leper turned around who has kissed the saint,Lift like a trumpet shout, and the bridegroom come.See the builders despising the stone,See the pearl of great price and the dry desert bones.By the pharisees cursed,Be exultant with the rose when the last are first,And see how his mercy shines when the bridegroom comes.Hear the bridge and the spirit say come,Then won't you who are weary invite in the son?When your heart's love is high,Won't you hasten to the place where the sun is nigh?And see that your light is on, for the bridegroom comesSee that your light is on, for the bridegroom comes.

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