Paroles Diamond de Jump 5

Jump 5
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  • Artiste: Jump 56005
  • Chanson: Diamond
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Textes et Paroles de Diamond

everytime I turn the TV on
see another pretty face on the screen
feels like I'm not good enough
to be on the cover of a magazine
turn around, I look in the mirror

and I wonder if ill ever measure up
all I want is someone to make it clearer
am I ever gonna find the perfect love?

then You break through the madness
and You tell me how it is..

You're a diamond that shines
one of a kind
a shimmering radiant star
You're a flower in the rain
wonderfully made
to shine like the sun
You're a diamond

friends try and tell me just to loosen up a little
You're gonna scare the good ones away
get a look with a hook, its fundamental
come on girl, u gotta get into the game
something deep inside of me says

are u sure that u really want to play?
gotta trust ur heart and not ur head
instead of buying into the masquerade
I'm not some decoration
so would u tell me how it is..

doesn't matter if they tell u how to live

doesn't matter if they try and mold u
doesn't matter if they say what beautiful is
You're a diamond cause He already showed u


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