Paroles Underachievers de Junkie XL

Junkie XL
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  • Artiste: Junkie XL21767
  • Chanson: Underachievers
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Textes et Paroles de Underachievers

It's the conformist
Takin' the firm fist
Of the idealist
Taken the shitlist
And now the purist
Stays the purist
Till the shit hits
The fan of the culprits
I got a lawyer
Who will destroy a
..?.. motivation
To become the purist
Any terrorist
Are really fed up with
Nothing strategic
To besiege with
And supremacists
Touch the surface
With their racist
Hatred that glues eyelids
And those with politics
All polite with tricks
Cripple the masses on the road to riches
Can't hide it
Why fight it
Can't hide it
Why fight it
Can't hide it

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