Paroles Painting Hours de Just Jinger

Just Jinger
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  • Artiste: Just Jinger21785
  • Chanson: Painting Hours
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Textes et Paroles de Painting Hours

And surely I have learned my lesson
A lesson there was sure to learn
And lessons only make you stronger
So strong that they can burn

And slowly it all fades to nothing
While nothing really fades away
And nothing always leads to something
And something got in my way

I'm painting flowers, I paint for hours,
The end the same
I'm painting flowers, I pain for hours,
I start to feel again

I never really thought it easy
And easy thoughts just never pay
It's easy to be close to someone
And someone came real close today

I'm painting flowers, I paint for hours,
The end the same
I'm painting flowers, I pain for hours,
I start to feel again

Have you ever been in so much pain
That life seems difficult to live
Try and find out simple things to do
And look around

Oh I, I'm painting flowers, I paint for hours
That end the same
Oh I, I'm painting flowers, I pain for hours
I start to feel again

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