Paroles Stand In Your Way de Just Jinger

Just Jinger
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  • Artiste: Just Jinger21785
  • Chanson: Stand In Your Way
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Textes et Paroles de Stand In Your Way

everday and every night
it seems the fight never ends
how can it be?
we will see
let's not pretend
the golden rule supposed to be
all of trust
there was you and there was me
what's the fuss?
all of us

i'm gonna stand
stand in your way
i'm gonna never, never let you get away

i didn't mean to cause you pain
it's so strange
you were good
i misunderstood
why has this gone away?
i miss you now with the thought of us
being only me
i was wrong
you were right from the fight
i am down

i'm gonna stand
stand in your way
i'm gonna never, never let you get away

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