Paroles Like It Or Not de Justin Garner

Justin Garner
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  • Artiste: Justin Garner38678
  • Chanson: Like It Or Not
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Textes et Paroles de Like It Or Not


And my face tellin me that you don't know
And you don't think that you can even love no more
Your heart has been beaten and so abused
Like you need a new battery
I can do

Your eyes are sinkin
But your heart is breakin
Like you're so afraid of fallin in love
I ain't givin up without a fight
Until I hear you say

Oohhhh ooh
Like it or not
Oohhh ooh
If you like it or not
Liiike itt
I say you gon' be in love
Liiike itt
You gon' be in love
Like it or not

Don't worry you can be with me
Tender with your heart
You can trust me
I see that you're vulnerable
But this thing is inevitable, ohh
Your mind is sayin', but I'm sayin',
You don't have a choice in the matter
I'm gon' love you better
Just say, hey

Oohhhh ooh
Oohhh ooh
If you like it or not
Liiike itt
I say you gon' be in love
Liiike itt

Yeah- ey-ey-ey
If you liek it or not ey-ey-ey-ey
I say you gon' be in love
I say you gon' be in love
Would it be that
Oh oh

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