Paroles There'll Still Be You de Justin Garner

Justin Garner
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  • Artiste: Justin Garner38678
  • Chanson: There'll Still Be You
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Textes et Paroles de There'll Still Be You

Close my eyes and pray to the stars
That you'll come around inside of my soul
Close my heart is bleeding of love
Cause you're gone... to return

Cause I won't give up this fight
Cause I need you to go
When the Earth stops spinning
And they are telling us it's over
When the time stops ticking
And the world it's over
There will still be you
There will still be you

When the world end you're still be here with me

It's cold as I...
The storm of love... in the night
And make me feel so I'll
Cause all I want is to feel your lips on mine


When the world end you're still be here with me

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