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Jv Allstars
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  • Artiste: Jv Allstars21796
  • Chanson: Stick Up For Yourself
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Textes et Paroles de Stick Up For Yourself

I don't know what she means to me yetBut I know it's gotta be something'Cause I lifted my head and took a deep breathAnd that's good enough for nowI've picked myself up and let myself downFor what seems like more than a decadeI'm stuck in my past avoiding my futureAt present wasting daysI think about the times I didn't have to think at allAnd what it feels like to be loved honestlyMy ex-girlfriend is stuck in my headAnd she's been there for a long timeAnd it doesn't make sense 'Cause when we were together, we both felt so aloneI know it sounds dumbBut I've been worried about my lack of conviction'Cause the song in my heartIs fading into the noises in the streetI think about the nights I couldn't think aboutAnyone else and how I felt so uninspiredIt's been some time since I have triedTo find that silver living I've been a wreck ever since she let me open-handedWaiting, I healed insideSpent a month in hidingIn hopes it would subsideCame up for air when the coast was clearAnd started over as I started writingI hope this means something to youI hope this means something to youHonestlyI'm here for the night I don't trust myself but I'm good for the rideHer name is everything I've felt for a whileWho knows what I may promise you when I make you mine

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