Paroles The Poisoners de Kahimi Karie

Kahimi Karie
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  • Artiste: Kahimi Karie21825
  • Chanson: The Poisoners
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Textes et Paroles de The Poisoners

We corrupted Swiss chocolateWe laced it with strychnineAnd said we'd only stop itFor a cool six millionWe corrupted Swiss chocolateAnd moved to the PhilippinesWe've come to know exactlyWhat being fabulously wealthy means(It's beautiful)And times I feel guiltyFor the children who diedI feel a kicking in my bellyOf our child insideA boy or a girl?A victor or victim?New life made possible by strychnineBorn into a world of cyanideThey call us the poisonersBut we knewBeing decent and humaneFolk without a brainSneezing in the rainWould never doWe'd rather be poisonersThan prisoners like youThey call us the poisonersWe got rich quickBut the world got sickBefore we slipped the strychnine in the barWe'd rather be poisoners than losersLike you areWe moved to ManilaWe golf on the golf greenWith all the other killersWho know exactly what it's like to win(It's wonderful)(It's beautiful)(It's happiness)(It's so...)

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