Paroles Suck My Punk de Karate Chop Avalanche

Karate Chop Avalanche
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  • Artiste: Karate Chop Avalanche17345
  • Chanson: Suck My Punk
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Textes et Paroles de Suck My Punk

So I say, Hey lets go to the punk rock show
Everybodys there, We're ready to go
We're not scared of the stage or lime light
Once we're there you know, We'll party all night

Don't wanna get out, Don't wanna give in
And I don't know what I'm doin
Just thinkin about this bottle of jin
And I don't know where we're goin

Everybody knows its the punk rock show
Its the place to be if your like me
And if your in the crowd your screamin loud
Hey Hey Hey Right Back At Me!

Load up cause, We're all rockin with our friends
Where the crowd surfin never ends
Gonna call up the folks and let em know
that no one here is goin home

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