Paroles Metal And Hell de Kat

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  • Artiste: Kat5589
  • Chanson: Metal And Hell
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Textes et Paroles de Metal And Hell

Blindman stop
I'll help you
God told you only lies
Shouted fast
Prasing fear
He built churches with your blood.

Metal, truth is black metal
Metal, truth is black metal
And Hell
Metal, truth is black metal
Metal, truth is black metal
Dark as night

Blindman, night is my world
World facing great works
I'm here
time has come
For you to recognize
How my force
How angry shrieks
Shrieks of sin drown cries
Of virtuous souls, souls

Metal, truth is black metal
Metal, truth is black metal
Strange the fear, terror and lies
And screem
And screem
I love Satan
Six, six, six.

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