Paroles Kitty Come Home de Kate & Anna Mcgarrigle

Kate & Anna Mcgarrigle
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  • Artiste: Kate & Anna Mcgarrigle21926
  • Chanson: Kitty Come Home
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Textes et Paroles de Kitty Come Home

No scheme and no direction
With only one way to turn
Pack up all you children
Come home to our love and concern
Kitty come home

No being however mighty
Where chaos reigns alone
Will see his feeble love grow
When cast upon a stone
Kitty come home

Home, Kitty come home

The birds in the trees call your name
Nothing's changed
All's the same

Home, come home, home, Kitty come home
Home, come home, home Kitty come home
Home, Kitty come home

All of God's good angels
Need a place to fly
Come be a little seraph
In this paradise
Kitty come home

Home, Kitty come home
Home, Kitty come home.....

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