Paroles Mississippi Woman, Louisiana Man de Kate Campbell

Kate Campbell
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  • Artiste: Kate Campbell32728
  • Chanson: Mississippi Woman, Louisiana Man
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Textes et Paroles de Mississippi Woman, Louisiana Man

Hey Louisiana woman Mississippi man we get together every time we can
The Mississippi River can keep us apart
There's too much love in the Mississippi heart too much love in this Louisiana heart

See the alligators all a waitin' nearby soon or later they know I'm gonna try
When she waves from the bank don't you know I know
It's goodbye fishin' line see you while ago
With a Louisiana woman waitin' on the other side
The Mississippi River don't look so wide
Louisiana woman Mississippi man...

Well I thought I'd been loved but I never had
Till I was wrapped In the arms of a Mississippi man
When he holds me close it feels almost like another hurricane just ripped the coast
If he can't come to me I'm gonna go to him
That Mississippi River Lord I'm gonna swim
Hey Louisiana woman Mississippi man...

Well Mississippi River Lord it's one mile wide and I gotta get me to the other side
Mississippi man I'm losin' my mind gotta have your loving one more time
I'm gonna jump in the river and here go too bad alligatior you swim too slow
Hey Louisiana woman Mississippi man...
There's too much love in the Mississippi heart too much love in this Louisiana heart
There's too much love in the Mississippi heart too much love in this Louisiana heart

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