Paroles We Came Down From The Trees de Kathryn Williams

Kathryn Williams
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  • Artiste: Kathryn Williams7767
  • Chanson: We Came Down From The Trees
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Textes et Paroles de We Came Down From The Trees

When we say what we've done
And shown how we've grown
Wwe'll never hold onto
What we think we own
All we can say is
We came down from the trees
We came down from the trees

And did we learn sarcasm
Or fighting with glasses
Dividing the money and making the classes
Before we came down
From the trees
We came down from the trees

Ed and Neil said
There was so much confusion
On what is called progress
And what's evolution
Maybe we were happier before
We came down from the trees
We came down from the trees

And i'm swinging from my branch
Waiting for my arms to get longer
So i can reach the next tree
Move into it's shelter
But i am so tired
I'm so so tired
I just, and I just come down
Come down
Come down from the trees
I might just come down from the trees
I might just come down from the trees

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