Paroles If There's No Tomorrow de Katra

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  • Artiste: Katra36876
  • Chanson: If There's No Tomorrow
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Textes et Paroles de If There's No Tomorrow

It has been gone
Just too long
Since the sun fell asleep

Everyone's dying
Seeking and trying
To keep their sanity

The fatal moon is ruling over this land

My hands are freezing
Heart slowly beating
I can see my own breath

Why all the suffering
Torture and agony

The fatal moon is ruling over this land

If there's no tomorrow
Will you forgive all the things that I did
If there's no tomorrow, being wrong it's so
hard to admit
If there's no tomorrow
Why do I have to endure all this pain
If there's no tomorrow
What was the point
If it all just ends today

The suns ain't rising
The day is dawning
No ray of light to be seen

Why if the misery
Loves to have company
I'm here all alone

The fatal moon is ruling over this land

Sealing my doom,
crying for the moon

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