Paroles Vendetta de Katra

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  • Artiste: Katra36876
  • Chanson: Vendetta
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Textes et Paroles de Vendetta

The house is so silent
That I can hear my own blood rushing
I am too scared to breathe
Terrified if I wake you
Shh... Quiet

I feel like a phantom,
Too restless and just too torn to forget
All what you've done to me
I will count one and then two, wait for three

I told you

Just blame it on me
Make me crawl once more
Just blame it on me
I will make you see

Just blame it on me
I will not forgive
Until you suffer
Until you know
That I'm not guilty

The last act of violence
I see the look in your eyes, just before
I make the final stroke
Now who's the ghost? Is it you?

Don't try to judge me
You don't even know what I've been put
It's now my game, my turn
One final lesson you still have to learn
I told you

The story of us two
Was too beautiful to be true
I was alone and a fool
You made me fall for you
My head up in the sky
Couldn't tell it was all a lie
I had no strength to cry,
Just smile and everything's fine
When the days turned to years
You made me learn what is fear
and forced me to say
I am the one to blame

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