Paroles Locked Away de Keith Richards

Keith Richards
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  • Artiste: Keith Richards53263
  • Chanson: Locked Away
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Textes et Paroles de Locked Away

She swears, that I'm the only one
What about yesterday
Oh I'd like to believe
Somehow I still suspect

Locked away
She ought to be locked away
She ought to be locked away

My mind is racing
Footsteps lead me to jealousy
I'm loosing my grip
I can't trust the way I feel

Locked away
I ought to be locked away
I ought to be locked away
Throw away the key

My friends say that you're friends say
That I ain't worth your time
I know what you must hear
Don't let it interfere

Locked away
They ought to be locked away
They ought to be locked away
Locked away

We can't do anything
Any trick in the book
We can't go anywhere
All long as we care

We ought to be locked away
We ought to be locked away
Locked away

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