Paroles I Am Not Hiding de Kenny Loggins

Kenny Loggins
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  • Chanson: I Am Not Hiding
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Textes et Paroles de I Am Not Hiding

I was runnin' from Paradise
Busy dancin' across thin ice
Then lookin' up
I thought somebody called my name
But I kept on walkin' on down
On my own way

I was livin' but not enough
Turnin' my face
From the face of love
Then lookin' up
I'm certain I saw your eyes
And I don't know how
And I don't know why
But I know I'm home

I Am Not Hiding
This time I'm deciding
Now I'm showin' up
To give it all my love
I Am Not Hiding
Now I'm standing here
Shoutin' out to heaven
Runnin' no more

Freedom was overdue
I was starvin' for a dream
And the dream was you
Then lookin' up
Big love was pourin' down
'N I don't know how
'N I don't know why
But I know I'm home


The dream of love was more
Than I could have
I'd almost given it up
But darlin' now it's back

I am here
You are real
This time I'm learnin' to feel
I have found
Showin' up in your eyes

This is all I know
No more sad goodbyes
Kiss it all hello
I'm showin' up for my life

Oh, Love is what it's all about
You gotta go in
To get out

For once in my life
I've found my home
Home in your arms, darlin'
All I know is that I'm finally home
Strong enough to see the truth
You gotta go in
To get out

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