Paroles Love Has Come Of Age de Kenny Loggins

Kenny Loggins
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  • Artiste: Kenny Loggins3384
  • Chanson: Love Has Come Of Age
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Textes et Paroles de Love Has Come Of Age

The many times you've learned the lines
That love has spoken
So easily you love to leave
Your heart's unbroken
You've opened up a hundred eyes
And given them a point of view
Now think about the times you knew
And hold them up to me and you

Love has come of age

You close your eyes and
Fantasize a lost horizon
A memory, a gentle breeze for love
To ride in,
But in your dreams you turned arouind
And stumbled on a Shangri-la,
You'll never be along anymore,
'Cause brother now you've gone too far

Love has come of age

I'll stop by by tomorrow
I'll stop by by tonight
I'll stop by by morning. Momma
It's alright.

If a gigolo's what you're after
You'll have to hold on tight
Bye bye bye, later, baby
Make it, make it right

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