Paroles Daytime Friends de Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers
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  • Chanson: Daytime Friends
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Textes et Paroles de Daytime Friends

And he'll tell her
He's working late again
But she knows too well there's something goin' on
She's been neglected and she needs a friend
So her trembling fingers dial the telephone

And Lord it hurts her doin' this again
He's the best friend that her husband ever knew
When she's lonely he's more then just a friend
He's the one she longs to give her body to.

Daytime friends and nighttime lovers
Hoping no one else discovers
Where they go what they do
In their secret hidaway

Daytime friends and nighttime lovers
They don't want to hurt the others
So they love in the nighttime
And shake hands in the light of day

And when it's over there's no peace of mind
Just a longin' for the way things should have been.
And she wonders why some men never find
That a woman needs a lover a friend.

Daytime friends and nighttime lovers...

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