Paroles Land Of Shadows de Kenziner

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  • Artiste: Kenziner9088
  • Chanson: Land Of Shadows
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Textes et Paroles de Land Of Shadows

In a ime long ago
And a place no one knows
It was such a different world
A place of gold, diamonds and pearls
You were the queen
Of a land no one's seen
10.000 years
A lifetime without tears
We ruled together all worldwide
We ruled together with passion and pride
Our people's blood was never spilled
To see our powers or lives fulfilled
Land of shadows, Land of shadows
In the Land of shadows
[repeat 1]
We shared the laughter
We felt no pain
We were the masters
We shared the fame
[repeat 2]
All our people, they lived in peace
All our peoples, both west and east
The Gods showed favor, through our reign
Until we returned, from whence a came
Land of shadows, Land of shadows
Dream world of shadows
A kingdom of shadows
Queen of shadows, King of shadows
Land of shadows

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