Paroles One Night Stand de Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson
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  • Chanson: One Night Stand
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Textes et Paroles de One Night Stand

[feat. Chris Brown]

You should stay another night with me
Oh woah uh huh
A one night stand is what I need
Just you and me
You should stay another night with me
Oh woah uh huh
A one night stand is what I need

[Verse 1: Keri Hilson]
Tell me how you like it baby
Do you want it fast or slow
Cause I get so excited baby
When you're taking off my clothes
Time and time again I done try
To be the girl in your life
Boy I know you're feeling lonely
So if you want it boy
Just come over boy
And I promise you won't ever want any more yeah


[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
Tell me how it feels
When your man don't please you right
And tell me how it feels after I?
Ooh I got the remedy girl
I'll be your fantasy girl
I'm a kiss from your head to your feet yeah
Satisfaction guaranteed woahhh
Girl I didn't come to tease ya
I just wanna please ya
Hope you like it

[Keri Hilson:]
I know you wanna be loved
Maybe we can make some
Boy I think that you should stay


You should stay another night with me
A one night stand is all I need

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