Paroles Frightening Lives de Kevin Drew

Kevin Drew
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  • Chanson: Frightening Lives
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Textes et Paroles de Frightening Lives

was a disaster sitting in bed at five
won't betray me within a lowman's eye
wasn't the sex, wasn't the wives
never fully go up the side

with disbelief that the kid was right
the man digs stopped four-hundred fights
with pick-me-ups and flawless lies
broke through the lines and tried the crack

wasn't the flash that got the house to quit
that treat the maid, everybody's sick
the woman sticks in a heart of gold
everything is a little bit sore

wasn't the discipline kid who melts
the wife who told you what you thought

but you and i can live inside this wall without like this

everybody's waiting for the return kids
and put it in your head
put it in your head
sex and our wills will stain our lips
now put it in your head
put it in your head

wasn't the team in the lip-cracked skin
double times inside the wind
wasn't the leak of every man in law
(?) the death of fall

now they can tick you off and make a little laugh
but put it in your head
put it in your head
see the sharp thumbs that look like time
put it in your head
put it in your head

wasn't the mom that woke the few
i could kill you if it looked like you
you never believed, never could fight
how do i know if the words are right

wasn't the lips you put it in cup
the deejay still seems to swallow
a bottle of gum and a bottle of skin
miles above the wall everywhere

spoken sex and all i fear
everyone does what they fear

but you and i can live inside this wall without like this

frightening lives
you and me
frightening live
above the sand
frightening lives
all will weep
frightening lives
desperate scene

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