Paroles Knots de Kevin Hearn

Kevin Hearn
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  • Artiste: Kevin Hearn22124
  • Chanson: Knots
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Textes et Paroles de Knots

Oh that day
Out on the island
The cowardly lion

This was a game
Right from the start
I hold the target
You throw the darts

I've been advised
to give up on you
That is exactly what
I'll never do

What happens when you've had enough
Oh, wake up and you're tied in knots

Don't tie yourself down
If you feel uneven
You'll live in a dream world
You do not believe in
Tying knots you can't undo

What happens when
You've had enough
(tying knots you can't undo)
Oh, and wake up tangled tied in knots
You can't undo

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