Paroles On the Runway de Kevin Hearn

Kevin Hearn
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  • Artiste: Kevin Hearn22124
  • Chanson: On the Runway
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Textes et Paroles de On the Runway

High above the microchipI can see a landing stripI've got plans when I landWhen I landLooking down from aboveAt this world that I loveI'll do what I can when I landWhen I landI'm done (waiting on the runway)I'm done (waiting on the runway)Ohh...Charging through the smoking doorSailing from the broken shoreJust a breeze, the air once moreJust once moreWe're done (waiting on the runway)We're done (waiting on the runway)And done (waiting on the runway)And done (waiting on the runway)Ohh yeah...Ba ba ba, ba ba ba...Ba ba ba, ba ba ba...Ba ba, ba ba ba, ba ba ba...

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