Paroles Fuck Dem Other Hoes de Khia

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  • Artiste: Khia3935
  • Chanson: Fuck Dem Other Hoes
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Textes et Paroles de Fuck Dem Other Hoes

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Fuck dem other hoes, fuck dem other bitches
Fuck dem other hoes, fuck dem other bitches
Fuck dem other hoes, fuck dem other bitches
I'll ride for my hoes
I'll die for my bitches

Fuck you hoes, I'm the baddest lady
All my shit niggas hear, I know it drive them crazy
5'5" thick in the thighs, and I know you want it
Hoes hatin and plottin they scream by the way I flaunt it
Doing my thing how I want is how I represent it
Me and my hoes down south, that's how we gon kick it
Spit my flow the way I do because I'm just beginning
Big dumb ass hoes you better pay attention
I'll be that bitch that'll always put it down
Niggas hatin me cuz I'm fuckin with they kind
I'll be that bitch that'll call it like it is
Me and dirty down gon rock this bitch, so fuck you hoes


Fuck dem other hoes, I'll ride for my hoes
Bitch I'll kill for my hoes, nigga die for my hoes
Go to war with my muthafuckin hoes
We'll fuck your ass up, bitch you just don't know
Represent dirty town from the south
You talkin that shit, watch your muthafuckin mouth
And talkin that shit bitch you know what I'm about
And talkin that shit will get your ass knocked out
Don't win against the rules or the games that we play
Don't wanna get it down, pussy hoe you gon pay
And snatch your red weave out your muthafuckin hair
And beat your ass down bitch I just don't care
Nigga what say


[repeat 4X]
Fuck dem other hoes, bitches
Those old trickin ass no makin money ass hoes

I'm sick and tired, I'm sick and tired of this bullshit
You hoes worry bout me and who I creep with
How I suck on the dick and make him nut quick
How when I'm coming home you tryna start shit
Cuz he's not fuckin your or paying your bills
Know you sweatin the "G" the place where I live
You barking up the wrong tree, I got this nine hoe
Bitch you fuckin with me, you bout to die hoe
You hoes hatin on me cuz I'm a real bitch
Tell it just like it is, don't sugar coat shit
I'll put my foot in your ass, I'll cut your throat bitch
Then get some head for you life and get it over with

[Chorus] - repeat to end

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