Paroles 2001 de Kid Dakota

Kid Dakota
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  • Artiste: Kid Dakota22178
  • Chanson: 2001
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Textes et Paroles de 2001

Well I know I was lucky to have survived
to have made it through the crash still alive
for hope was abandoned when i was left
floating, floating, floating, floating floating
in the [pub outside?]

and so i pray
"lord I'll be a better man
oh I will change, oh I will change
lord I'll be a better man
oh I will change, oh I will change
I will change"

Well I'll give up the drinking and I'll give up the drugs
I'll stop paying for sex in the clubs
and I'll get me a good girl and I'll settle down
I'll quit my lying, my cheating
my stealing, my hacking
my beating, my scraping
my boiling, my shooting
my scoring, my dealing
floating, floating, floating, floating, floating
just don't let me die

and so i pray
"lord I'll be a better man
I will change, yea I will change
lord I'm not scared to go"
well I think I see, well I think I see
a soft radiant light

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