Paroles Lullaby For Your Casket de Kilgore

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  • Artiste: Kilgore22212
  • Chanson: Lullaby For Your Casket
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Textes et Paroles de Lullaby For Your Casket

Slowly lowered dawn
Eyes filled with tears
Figures fade from....
Dirt thrown on me
I'm not dead yet
Just beware what you wish for
It may kill you
Once you enter you may not leave
Humans are easy prey
'Cause God told me to
'Cause God told me to
I've finally seen the light again
An invitation to hell Death is just the beginning here
Say farewell to the flesh
Children shouldn't play with dead things
Rest in pieces
And if I die before I awake
He'll tear your soul apart
'Cause God told me to
'Cause God told me to
I've finally seen the light again
An invitation to hell
Death is just the beginning here
Farewell to the flesh
Christened in blood
Enemy of faith
Foe to the human race
And you embrace me
Evil never dies
Just takes a new soul
Bloody, born fire
Feeds on flesh
This just cannot be true
Plunge into darkness
Please God help me soon
I'm breathing
The sun's in sight
I'm alive
I'm alright

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