Paroles Resolution de Killing The Dream

Killing The Dream
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  • Chanson: Resolution
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Textes et Paroles de Resolution

We walk in circles. We love in circles. We talk in circles. We live in circles.
i can't live like this. i can't live like this. i can't keep living
this. i can't keep living this again. we're always moving on, always
moving back. back to the same place. so familiar, but it isn't home...
just where we come to forget. how many times can you write the same
song in a different way? how many times can you live the same life
on a different day? nobody lives in circles, they just forget. they
just survive. we live in circles, the same people with different
faces. we sing the same songs in different keys. we love in circles,
a little less with every turn. i've never loved like that before,
and i don't think i will again. and it's coming back again, it's
ending where it started. and i'd give everything to do it all again.
you never love like that again (the first time), and the longer that
you live, the less you feel alive. and we don't die for anything
anymore. i'd kill to feel like that again, but i'm never going to
feel like that again. so move on, hold on, or fucking fake it. either
way, we're losing. either way i'm losing. remember when this was
everything? in a way, it still is. i want to feel that way again.
but you don't feel in circles, you just live. you just fall. i'll
find it again, in a different place. in a different time, with a
different face. i'll keep moving, because i've got to keep moving.
just take whatever's left. my heart is dry. this is my last breath.
this used to be everything. i gave everything.

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