Paroles Me & The Boys de Killola

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  • Artiste: Killola22260
  • Chanson: Me & The Boys
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Textes et Paroles de Me & The Boys

Hey kid giddy up I've got something to say
Now did your momma ever tell ya not to act so strange?
You're sittin round just jive talkin up in my face
You creep me out, its you ya doubt, you really suck, listen up shut your fuckin mouth!
Buzz kill, even still you're not around
You're gonna hear my boys singin when you're dead in the ground
Struttin your stuff, swivelin those hips, sorry to tell you momma, no one gives a shit! So baby shut your fuckin mouth!
Momma says baby it'll be alright but... Baby ain't slept in maybe five or six nights.
Buckle up buttercup, the water's really getting rough We'll just sing!

Never gonna fall but baby, try as you might,
Cuz I keep my nose clean and we fight the good fight!
Vibe killer ask yourself what you're about...
I got something better to put in their mouth!
Oh baby shut your fucking mouth.

Who is the last man standing in this game of war??
Clean out your ears cuz I done said it before
Prick em up poppy and have no doubt
Never no ever will you bring us down...
Oh baby shut your fucking mouth.
I don't care who you are... Get your Pucci ass baby in your shiny car
As for Me and the Boys, we're gonna be all right yeah.
me and the boys are just gonna sing!

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