Paroles Hit Me When U-1-2 de Kills (The)

Kills (The)
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  • Artiste: Kills (The)8248
  • Chanson: Hit Me When U-1-2
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Textes et Paroles de Hit Me When U-1-2

Black screw, how u gonna climb back!
I'll lift your finger, from another dead cat
Who's blacked that liver? Oh you think about that
Oh baby you better, not touch! No matter how bad

Oh oh oho oh (X2)
I can help you now
Oh oh oho oh (X2)
I can help you now

I knew that kid, won't see the scene
Moving from one to the other, getting its sheep
Oh Clemont's up (X2)
The way that we Laid the baby, the way it should be

Oh oh oho oh (X2)
I can help you now
Oh oh oho oh (X2)
I can help you now

Hotel: Here It Comes
VV: Hit me when you one
H: And I did not!
V: Hit me when you one
H: 2 again she, HIT!
V: Hit me when you one
H: 2 do it again she hit
V: Hit me when you one
H: Did she get you like that?
V: Hit me when you one, two
H: Do you move it like that?
V: Hit me when you one, two

Both: hit me when U-1-2 (X2)
Oh oh oho ohh (X10)

V: I can help you now (x5)
Oh oh oho ohh (x10)

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