Paroles Rachel's Song de Kim Monroe

Kim Monroe
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  • Artiste: Kim Monroe9990
  • Chanson: Rachel's Song
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Textes et Paroles de Rachel's Song

Let me stop you for a second
I've got something to say,
I've been waiting for a long time
And you only push away
Heartbeat tender beating body
Ready to explode
From the constant apprehension
And the secrets that I hold

Don't ask I can't explain
Why I'm stuck in yesterday
I just can't hold back the change
All I ask is that you stay
Maybe just another day will make everything ok

Rachel don't look back too far
You're not living today
So sheltered in your own backyard
The world is waiting don't you be afraid

Lamplight shining in my window
Footsteps echo on my walk
Thought I heard you at the doorframe
Guess you didn't want to talk
Give me back all of our moments
We'll never see again
Childhood doesn't last forever its useless to pretend

Don't ask I can't explain...



Don't ask I can't explain...


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