Paroles Is It Just A Coincidence That The People Who Bitch About File Sharing Don't Put de Kindergarten Hazing Ritual

Kindergarten Hazing Ritual
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  • Chanson: Is It Just A Coincidence That The People Who Bitch About File Sharing Don't Put
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Textes et Paroles de Is It Just A Coincidence That The People Who Bitch About File Sharing Don't Put

"i've got money
i own the world
i'm gonna sue everyone that doesn't like me"
says the midget boy
bouncing up and down behind a drumset that's too big for him. "my dreams aren't easy, that's no fault of my own, I blame all of you"
so he wrote up a list and checked it six times, and then went door to door suing everyone who didn't like him. and none of his freinds would tell him that it was wrong.
They were to afraid of getting sued. he eventually sued his own mother for that time she didn't buy him a ps2, and the cop that pulled him over for drunk driving and the waitress at the restaurant for telling him "we don't have anymore lobster". and none of his freinds would tell him it was wrong. thousands of people hauled to court for not liking one guy. it all seems so stupid. i wonder how they let it happen.
it all seems so pointless. . . .

I wish I could sue people for not liking me

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