Paroles Ayee Freestyle de King K

King K
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  • Artiste: King K52870
  • Chanson: Ayee Freestyle
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Textes et Paroles de Ayee Freestyle

[Sparking Lighter]

DJ Keezy I gotchya

Yeah it's me
Ya'll know who it be
I ain't swimmin but you know I see (sea), Everything you DO
Came here to eat FOOD, And I ain't talkin pasta
Dread head nigga, your boii is a rasta
Chain colder then Alaska
Keep askin questions, Where are the answers
Flow so sick, It could give ya ass cancer
I'm a have it my way nigga
I gotta rhyme gun no Ak nigga
Ayee ayye nigga, Is all you gunna say nigga
And that ain't a threat
If this was the end, therd still be somthin next
Yee non stop nigga, I won't stop nigga
The boii tryna make it to the top nigga
I rock nigga, Like roll nigga
Stand tall in this rapgame like a troll nigga
New swag dawg, New FLOW hoe
I get DOE hoe, Like a BAKERY
All the hatters HATTIN ME, But I don't care
Bitch I'm the shit like 2 day old underwear
This the freestyle

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