Paroles The Last Journey de King Of Asgard

King Of Asgard
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  • Artiste: King Of Asgard52359
  • Chanson: The Last Journey
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Textes et Paroles de The Last Journey

the snow falls
the sky is full of white icy flakes
the cold bites
into my bones but this journey must be done

at dawn we set our sails
and pray to the gods to blow the wind our way
leaving families and dear behind
knowing the fact that some of us will die

the wind increases, smashing our sails constantly
the open sea, bend our mast and wants to bring us down

the ship turns in the storm impossible to rein
i scream at my men to hold the course
chaos breaks out on the deck
as we loose control over the ship

the ship capsize into the storm
the crew is lost to the ocean floor

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