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Kinks (The)
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  • Chanson: Education
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Textes et Paroles de Education

In a deep dark jungle, long time agoLived a lonesome cavemanHe was a solitary soulAnd he spent his playtimeChewing meat from bonesHe didn't know how to talk muchHe only knew how to groanThen he lifted up his hands and reached to the skyLet out a yell and no one repliedFrustration and torment tore him insideThen he fell to the ground and he cried and he criedBut then education saved the dayHe learned to speak and communicateEducation saved the dayHe thanked God for the friends he madeCause everybody needs an educationEverybody needs an educationBlack skin, red skin, yellow or whiteEverybody needs to read and writeEverybody needs an educationThank the day when that primitive manLearned to talk with his brothersAnd live off the landHe left his cave and he moved far awayAnd he lived with his friends in a house that they'd madeHe learned to think and to work with his brain And he astounded his friends with all the knowledge he gainedHe wrote it down on a rock that he foundAnd he showed all his friends and they passed it aroundAnd then education came that dayThe day it came was a sacred dayEducation came that dayHe thanked God for the friends he'd madeWell man built a boat and he learned how to sailAnd he traveled far and wideThen he looked up above saw the stars in the skySo he learned how to flyThanks to all the mathematiciansAnd the inventors with their high I.Q.sAnd the professors in their collegesTrying to feed me knowledgeThat I know I'll never useThank you sir for the millions of wordsThat you've handed me down and you've told me to learnBut I've got words in my ears and my eyesI've got so many facts that I must memorizeBecause education's doing me inI want to stop but my head's in a swimEducation drives me insaneI can't recall all the facts on my brainEducation came that dayThe day it came was a sacred dayEducation saved the dayHe thanked God for all the friends he madeTeacher, teach me how to read and writeYou can teach me about biologyBut you can't tell me what I am living forCause that's still a mysteryTeacher, teach me about nuclear physicsAnd teach me about the structure of manBut all your endless calculationsCan't tell me why I amNo you can't tell me why I amNo you can't tell me why I amEverybody needs educationOpen Universities, educationEvery race, every creed, educationAnd every little half-breedEvery nationality, educationAll the little people need educationEskimos and pygmies needAnd even aborigines, educationWell, physics and geography, educationPhilosophy and history, educationScience and biology, educationGeometry and poetry, educationWell, education, education, education, education

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