Paroles Headmaster de Kinks (The)

Kinks (The)
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  • Artiste: Kinks (The)22355
  • Chanson: Headmaster
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Headmaster, this is my confession. This time you won't be overjoyed, I have destroyed what little faith you had in me, I've been such a naughty boy. Headmaster I am at your mercy, I've been such a little...

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Textes et Paroles de Headmaster

Headmaster, this is my confessionThis time you won't be overjoyedI have destroyed what little faith you had in meI've been such a naughty boyHeadmaster I am at your mercyI've been such a little foolI've dishonored one who trusted meI have broken all the rulesI've been with those naughty little girls againNow those naughty little girls are going to put me to shameI wish that I'd been born with a little more senseThis time it's a serious offenseI feel like an innocent victimI feel that I just can't winHeadmaster please give me one chancePlease help me to act like a manI've let down the schoolI've broken all the rulesI've let down the sideI've committed a crimeHeadmaster, this is my confessionI've been such a little foolI've dishonored one who trusted meI have broken all the rulesI've been such a little foolDon't tell all my friends I bent overDon't tell them you made me cryDon't tell them I've been sacrificedDon't tell all my friends or I'll dieHeadmaster don't beat me I beg youI know that I've let you downHeadmaster please spare me I beg youDon't make me take my trousers down

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