Paroles Wicked Annabella de Kinks (The)

Kinks (The)
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  • Artiste: Kinks (The)22355
  • Chanson: Wicked Annabella
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Textes et Paroles de Wicked Annabella

In a dark and misty house
Where no Christian man has been
Wicked Annabella mixes a brew
That no one's ever seen

Relatives have passed her by
Too scared to even say hello
She's in perpetual midnight
She shuts out the day
And goes about her sinful ways

I, I've seen her hair
I've seen her face look towards mine

I, I've felt her eyes
Burning my soul, twisting my vine(?)

Little children who are good
Should always go to sleep at night
'Cause wicked Annabella is up in the sky
Hoping they will open their eyes

Don't go into the woods tonight
'Cause underneath the sticks and stones
Are lots of little demons
Enslaved by Annabella
Waiting just to carry you home

Da da, da da da, da...

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