Paroles Saint And Sinner de Kiss

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  • Artiste: Kiss3714
  • Chanson: Saint And Sinner
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Textes et Paroles de Saint And Sinner

I'm getting off this carousel, you can do as you please, you can go to hell
You put my back against the wall
Well I'm not gonna fall on my knees, no not at all

So you're a saint, I'm a sinner, but deuces are wild
Better wake up, it's break up, I ain't got the time
So (baby) you can kiss my heart bye bye

Next to you I feel I'm all alone, love's turned to stone, ooh yeah
Cross my heart and hope to cry, well I'm not gonna die
Without you it's aces high


Bye bye babe

Kiss my heart bye bye, you missed my heart this time around
Kiss my heart bye bye, and I don't need no one at all, no!

There's no right and there's no wrong, I'm moving on
I'll go it alone, because love's turned to stone


So bye bye babe, bye bye babe
No I'm not gonna die, cross my heart and hope to cry

No no no no I'm not gonna die, so bye bye bye babe
Well I'm not gonna die without you babe
No I'm not gonna die

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