Paroles My Plague de Kittie

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  • Artiste: Kittie3207
  • Chanson: My Plague
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Textes et Paroles de My Plague

The plague of all ages
Contagious to touch
A blister on my heart
The hunger is endless
The beast is upon us
It's love that ends the world

The smell of blood
The taste of fear
The lust for something more

Endless darkness
My plague
Endless darkness
My plague

The fever has broken
The changes are coming
From beast to burden and back
Desire and pain
Ow, the hurt is the same
The beast, she beckons for more

The thrill of the hunt
The wounded burden
The first to fall as prey


I can feel it
Now...I can feel it

Oh, and so it begins
The world is ending
And all it takes is once
The wrath of the scourge
Disease of compassion
Will undo all our kind

A hollow-tipped pill
The only cure
The beast inside the whore


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