Paroles Spit de Kittie

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  • Artiste: Kittie3207
  • Chanson: Spit
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Textes et Paroles de Spit

spit! i think i'll spit
for all those girls
who speak contradiction
the guy who crept through the shadows everday
to clutch his own conclusion
watch all the blood
as it drips from your veins you coward
godspeed, may your death come quickly
i think i'll take this hate and spit, spit
now as it's passed onto the next one
i feel a bloodrush come right over me
you know you will never be right
in the eyes of the ones who know
you trusted the devil
and she will betray you
~why do i get shit all the time
from you men
you are swine
you think dick is the answer
But its not (x2)

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