Paroles Will To Live de Kittie

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  • Artiste: Kittie3207
  • Chanson: Will To Live
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Textes et Paroles de Will To Live

A chance to dream
Something clearly calling out but left unspoken
To end it all
Another heaven tumbles down
A fire awoken
This curse is endless
Like a vacant in your eyes
I've lost the will to live again
It's something that I share
This car crash
Moves in slow motion
And I can't help but stare
To fan the flames
The embers quickly burning out are overtaken
To seal you fate
The only thing I've ever known has left me broken
This curse is endless
Like the vacant in your eyes
They see me moving
Targets once again
Wounded, disarmed
Fear my only friend
These tales of heartache
Lessons by the mile
My memory won't rest

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