Paroles It's Gonna Be Alright de KJ-52

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  • Artiste: KJ-5213544
  • Chanson: It's Gonna Be Alright
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Textes et Paroles de It's Gonna Be Alright

(feat. Blanca Reyes of Group 1 Crew)

Your gonna make it
Yes your gonna make it
Don't you worry about a thing that's happened in your life
Your gonna make it
Yes your gonna make it
Don't you worry about a thing it's gonna be alright

You may feel like your just starting over
Mistakes from your past that just want to hold ya
Down to the ground its all on your shoulder
You'll never make it now that's what they told ya
You start to figure out who really cares for ya
When no ones around no one is there for ya
When I was down and out and life was getting colder
Wee I found that's when God showed up
Your trying to make it right they make it hard for ya
But God will take a life even if it's broke up
Give you strength to fight whatever's coming toward ya
And don't forget that I'm always praying for ya

It's not fair all the things that just had to happen
Some days you wake up and feel like you've been abandoned
Life didn't shape up in the way that you planned it
The life you live is not the one that you imagined
I know they laugh and pick on you
I know you've had a lot of junk that you gone through
But I know who would never ever wrong you
Never quit on you and help you get on thru
When you fell he was the one who caught you
With every single tear man see he saw you
He was right there every time he called you
And I'll be praying for you gonna get on through

You try to pray but feel too ashamed too
Cuz those around you they just wanna blame you
But don't listen now just to what they say dude
God loves you he never hates you
You can count on the fact that hes faithful
Always exactly on time always came thru
When your blind you feel you lost your way too
He'll guide you and help you to find your way through
He knows you he's the one that made you
In anything you go thru now he can save you
And help you and plus give you strength too
You're gonna make it man you're gonna be ok dude

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