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  • Chanson: One
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Textes et Paroles de One

What love could take a slap to the face
And a jab to the face and get stabbed in the waist
As they laugh and they came as they passed by the place
Where he hung and was beaten till the blood he could taste
What kind of love had him treated this way
Just bleeding away while he was bleeding in pain
Well to seek and to save was the reason he came
And the one love for you was the reason he gave (one love)
That love was the reason he raised
Himself from the grave and it's the reason he reigns
Time will pass and seasons will change
But the love that he has never leaves or just fades

One Love
One God
One Way

What God made the sun and the moon
Sky and the trees and caused them to bloom
Who was alive when he came from the tomb
And will come back light up the sky like high noon
What God can make it all brand new
Just for you in the times when it all falls through
When you can't find your way who you gonna call to
The one God the only god now that's who (one God)
There ain't no other God that's true
There ain't nothing that my God can't do
You ain't heard what I said now dude
Well his name's Jesus man I thought yall knew c'mon


There is only one way you can be born again
There's one way you can be free from sin
I proclaim one way came from the Son of Man
If you don't agree then you can take it up with him
One way might be hard to comprehend
But one day every single knee is gonna bend
And just proclaim right now who he is
Just the one and only way to eternally live (one way)
So a choice this day is what I give
You can walk away from everything that Jesus did
But it won't change what the facts is
That there is only one way through Christ that's it
See I hold one mic to proclaim one mic from one drop
So that you would understand it took one time on one day on one cross
And only one Christ came just to pay one cost
And that one life is why I'm saved when I was just lost
Just stop shhhh
Listen to what my advice is
In your crisis you need to understand who Christ is
The priceless timeless sacrifice who's life is the reason why my life is
Who's body hung lifeless but today is the reason why my mine lives
Who he is is not just your cuss word
Who he is is not just your homeboy on your t-shirt
Who he is I'll summarize in three words
Way, Truth, Life, and I'll say it till all have heard
Now it's plain that Jesus walks
But I know that he also runs
I know because he ran to me with his arms wide opened up
There was nowhere I could hide now from his love
And yet I know enough that one thing ain't gonna change
That at the end of the day when it all fades away
No matter what they claim no matter what they say
It still only comes down to One Love, One God, and One Way

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