Paroles Rise Up de KJ-52

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  • Artiste: KJ-5213544
  • Chanson: Rise Up
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Textes et Paroles de Rise Up

Rise Up Lift Ya Eyes Up
Get Up Stand Up Throw Ya Hands Up Just...

Sick Of All Lies Sick Of The Compromise
Sick Of The Way We Live Our Lives And Run And Hide
Sick Of The Times We Turn Our Head Close Our Eyes
Can You Hear The Cries When You Gonna Rise?
Stand Up! My People In The Place Where You At?
Stand Up! God's People Who Aint Ashamed Where You At?
Stand Up! If You Say You Know His Name Where You At?
Stand Up! Cause You Gotta Proclaim What You Have
Rise Up! No More Hiding No Time For Crying
You Can't Be The Light Of The World When You Aint Shining
I'm Straight Rhyming So You'll Be Straight Recognizing
You Aint Trying You Just Sitting There Staight Whining
While The Whole World Around You Just Straight Dying
So Keep In Mind Jesus Lion Of Zion
Gave His Life So You And I Wouldn't Be Trying So Quit Hiding It's Time For You To Start Rising


To All My Real Live People In The Spot Now
Rise Up And Let Me See What You Got Now
We Blowing Holes In Ya Speakers When We Rock Now
We Keep It Hot Now Every Time We Rock Towns
That's How We Got Down Every Time We Drop Sounds
So You Know You Better Listen When I Talk Now
Cause We Never Stop Now Or Let Ya Gaurd Down
Cause If You Got The Answer Why Keep It Locked Down?

How Many People Want To See This Rock Now
Go Bump It In Your Trunk Rolling With The Top Down
Hold On Cause I'm Letting The Missile Drop Now
No Hostages Cause We're Taking Your Whole Block Down
Yo We Hot But Not Tropic
In The Mall Might Catch Me In A Hot Topic
We Can Talk If Somebody Wanna Knock It
Cause We Coming At Dangerous Speeds Ya Can't Stop It


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