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  • Chanson: Things I Like
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Textes et Paroles de Things I Like

Featuring Goldinchild

Making beats on my MPC
Picking up an underground CD or mixtape
Diggin' through record crates
Goldin stay looking for the perfect break to sample and truncate
And I like raw raps on a raw track
Copping mad Timberlands like the mall that you shop at
Combat fatigues a notebook full of rhyme schemes that I keep in my backpack
Anthem of a life rocking the mic
Spending a little time showing love to my wife
The way Christ loved us sacrificed his life
Bore them stripes restoring the life
Doing shows on the stage seeing souls getting saved
Hearing this track being played in your Escalade
As you roll through the hood sitting on blades
Cats gonna bug when they hear they mom say

I'd like the hands up
Keep ya hands up
Party people in the front I need ya hands up
And when ya hands up
Leave ya hands up
See there's a lot of things I like
But only one thing I love

I like Saturdays and just waking late
I like things right away cuz I don't like to wait
I like Tasty Cakes, and Philly cheese steaks
And the Tampa Bay Bucs and Miami Hurricanes (whuuut...)
Now I like my shoes clean with a fresh pair of jeans
And some rice and some beans and a box of Krispy Kremes
I like Mt. Dew cuz I like caffeine
And the Pistons and Wolverines is my sports teams
I like the double double at the in and out burger
But I don't like McDonald's they always mess up my order
I like my man Sponge Bob and Home Star Runner
I like flip flops and tank tops in the summer
I like to make goofy faces when I smile for the camera
I like to rock old school hip hop and MC Hammer
I like Xbox clean socks I like Canada
But there's one thing I want and this is what I'm asking ya


I love the way that God just takes a man
And then changes him gives him strength to stand
I love when the world says I ain't got a chance
See I'm loving that you're the one that tells me I can
I love the fact that you just loved me first
You erased my past and freed me from the curse
And even at the times when I just act the worse
I love that ya take me back that I don't deserve
I love every time that I open your word
That I see in every line every chapter and verse
That your love made you die and that love that occurred
It left you crucified cuz your love for the world
And I love how you just love me so much
I love how you provide just more than enough
And with the rhyme that I say right now that I bust
See I like a lot of things but you're the one I love

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