Paroles Video Games de KJ-52

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  • Chanson: Video Games
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Textes et Paroles de Video Games

Keep it going now keep it going now
Keep it going now just keep it going now
Keep it going now don't ever slow it down
We gonna hold it down anytime we throw it down

I'll take ya back like Galaga and Atari
I was falling into junk like Pitfall Harry
My life was game over that's when Christ saved me
So now it's bonus round ever since that he changed me
It was scary how my life was run over like Frogger
I was down to one life and I didn't have another
But now I'm super like the Mario brothers
Pulling stunts off like Tony Hawk Pro Skater
So here's a story ain't Legend of Zelda
It's about Christ who was the Space Invader
Hit sin like Arruken from Street Fighter
Came from heaven now just to die for ya fella
That's why he paid the price for ya sins
On top of that he wants to run ya life like the Sims
So this right here is my advice for ya friends
Just stop and think about your life when it ends


No doubt see I was just down for the count
Knocked down and beat up like Mike Tyson's Punch Out
I flipped it up and went a whole different route
And now I lift him up cuz it's what I'm all about
Then I throw it out like Super Tecmo Bowl
So every word out my mouth it would just touch a soul
Even to the ones that bust guns like Halo
Or to those thugs on the run like Grand Theft Auto
I just gotta let them know
Just living life fast like Gran Turismo
May get ya rich just with a whole lotta dough
But in the end bro you just left out in the cold so
To the ones on the run like Pac-Man
We came to slam it down like NBA Jam
And leave the spot blown up like Missile Command
Cause that's how we do when the mics in the hand
So how I lay it just down for my people?
Underground like Dig-Dug old school like Coleco
That's the sound that I bump just to reach yall
Sin got a clutch on us the Resident Evil
I gotta teach yall what he did on the cross
Three days later go raid the tomb like Lara Croft
But all you gonna find is that my Lord is gone
Took the sin of mine took death and just shook it off
I'm going off I can't help but start braggin'
It just happens that he runs the game like John Madden
They cut him up first like Ninja Gaiden
And beat him down worse than Double Dragon
If you saw the Passion then you know what happened
He took a bashing just to take on man's sin
That's me and you and even Charles Manson
So party people remember that when ya dancing


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