Paroles Star Struck de Kool Keith

Kool Keith
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  • Artiste: Kool Keith5654
  • Chanson: Star Struck
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Textes et Paroles de Star Struck

[Kool Keith]
Red carpet, take your pictures motherfucker
(Take yo' picture motherfucker) That's right
Motherfuckin chaffeur (motherfucker)
Drivin a motherfuckin Rolls Royce (Rolls Royce)

Star struck (star struck) take your pictures motherfucker
Star struck (starrrrr) take your pictures motherfucker (starrrrr)
Star struck

The all-star game, I laugh like the mayor
A lot of jackasses went out there
You couldn't name a fuckin basketball player
Sideline Max lookin for asscracks
Stay in your Super 8 room bastards
Y'all watch the cameras zoom, my funk contest sizzle
Your ass didn't even go to the dunk contest
Freaks had they mindset over 6 foot 1 niggaz
Ended up with 6 foot 1 dumb niggaz
I hear they shot up Sunset and got one
It was on the news, what's gonna run niggaz
Star struck and mad, you didn't get no Bryan Shore pictures
Left your kids with the fuckin babysitters
Mad depressed, fuck, that's right
Look at your babyspitter, complainin like you're baby shitters

Star struck (starrrrr) take your pictures motherfucker (star)
Star struck, take your pictures motherfucker (starrrrr)
Star struck

Six thousand motherfuckers lined up in front of Roscoe's
For what I don't know (where's the afterparty?)
Bitch suck my dick, you still sniffin blow
Youse a Vanessa Williams look-a-like, youse a sniffin ho
Two o'clock, motherfucker go home
You'd rather stay up and ride in somebody's truck
Lookin for spoke rims and gold chrome
I'm the type of guy to make you change, your God damn tan and tone
Your blonde weave on your baldhead
You fuckin with Steve!
Arrogant monkey, you was a asshole stopped up with cheese
Hollywood star chalker, think you in the limelight
Plastic-ass motherfucker, cut it out PLEASE
All that bullshit chains on your jeans, around your knees

Star struck (starrrrr) take your pictures motherfucker (struck)
Star struck (star struck) take your pictures motherfucker (starrrrr)
Star struck (star struck, star STRUCK, starrrrrr struck)
(Star struck, fuck, star struck, star struck... you so fuckin star struck)
Starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr STAR STRUCK!

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